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1380079_489945051101256_1517842404_nWe are Black Tusk Jerky. A snack company located in Kelowna, B.C.  We make delicious natural protein snacks that supply a healthy, nutritious balance for your active lifestyle.

We have elevated the art of handcrafted jerky to the pinnacle of class, focusing on exceptional quality, flavour and freshness that is sure to erupt your tastebuds.

Whether you’re exploring vivacious downtown Vancouver, scaling the Grand Wall of the Stawamus Chief, ripping down Whistler Bike Park, or paddling leisurely across the Howe Sound, we have the fuel for you! Your health is important to us so we created a mix to satisfy your hunger and give you the energy your body needs to transcend.

Our Philosophy 

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We at Black Tusk Jerky like to give credit where credit is due. We acknowledge the animals that have preceded our fine product with deepest respect for their part in the circle of life. Thats why we source our meats from local farmers and ranchers because not only is it important to know where our food comes from, but to ensure that it has been ethically raised is paramount.

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Not only do humanely treated, grass fed animals live better, more natural lives but they place less stress on the land they inhabit. When properly cared for, grass-fed animals can benefit the land, rather than deplete it. Feedlot diets consist of corn, soy, antibiotics and hormones, where pastured animals eat what would be available to them in nature. Because they are eating healthier, they fertilize the land naturally, eliminating the use of fossil fuels by conventional methods of fertilizing.


They say “You are what you eat”, and we’ve taken that to heart. There are so many health benefits to consuming  Grass-Fed Meats, which are higher in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and consequently improve our cardiovascular systems, and provide anti-inflammatory properties. They have also been known to be high in Vitamins A and E as well as antioxidants.


What do you get when you combine the finest smoked animal protein with savoury nuts and dehydrated fruits and berries? Perfection. This is the evolution of Jerky. We are reconnecting with our primal roots.